If you would like to have romantic sunset from top of the mountain Srđ, this is perfect experience for you. We will pick you up at your address and take you to Srđ where from you can enjoy magnificent views.


If you like to explore when  sun sets and the city comes to life at night-time, this is perfect experience for you! It is easy walking tour. Synthesis of historical guided tour and quality wine&tapas at the end of tour at one of the best wine bars in the Old Town. We will take you through the city main atraction far away from the daily noise and crowds finishing our tour in the wine bar where prosciutto, olives, olive oil, cheese, bread and great wine from Pelješac region will wait you. We will take you through the city main atractions and tell you about the history of the city, show you places where you can visit theater plays, concerts, dances at Dubrovnik summer festival during july and august, and give you  recommendations what you can do, where you can eat and enjoy like a local while you are in Dubrovnik.  If you are passionate about history, food, wine and traveling and you want to learn and know the city with us, join this tour and enjoy!

-small gropus,max 8 pax per group
– 60-90min Old Town
-30-60min Wine Bar


Trip start: 09:00
Max number of persons: 6
Trip duration: 8 – 10 hours
Language: English
Places you will see on this trip: panorama of Cavtat, island Mljet, panorama of Dubrovnik city walls from sea
Trip includes: hotel pick up/drop off, snorkeling gear, towels, cold beverages (Coca Cola, Juice, Fanta, …),
snacks, skipper, fuel, professional guide for National park of Mljet at your disposal, lunch in restaurant Stella
Maris Polače, with traditional meat or octopus “under the bell”

Trip does not include: tickets for National park of Mljet, drinks and other extras at restaurant


You wish to visit the island of Mljet but don’t have much time to spend on slow speed boats? It would take you an overnight visiting the island of Mljet on your own and you don’t like that idea especially not the extra cost for accommodation you already have at your origin? Do you wish to get the most of the day? Don’t waste more time searching, this is your tour!

On our speed boat you can visit and explore National park of Mljet, a jewel of the Adriatic coast, see Dubrovnik city walls and the old harbor from the sea, discover large and small salty lake in the middle of the island of Mljet, swim on the most beautiful beach in the area reachable by the boat, learn about island’s history, visit old monastery, eat at a unique place, enjoy panoramic views, snorkeling and more all in just 8 to 10 hours. By the time this tour is finished, you still have time to do something else or just relax at the beach/bar etc. Because the day won’t be over yet.


  • Sail from Cavtat or Dubrovnik and admire the panorama of Cavtat bay or Dubrovnik shore.
  • Head to the island of Mljet.
  • On your way to Mljet, you get to see the panorama of the Dubrovnik city walls by the sea. A unique experience with a slow ride for some photo shootings if wanted.
  • Upon arrival at Mljet, professional guide and van will be waiting for you, guide will be with you all the time during your Mljet sightseeing
  • Get transportation to the National park and explore the National park of Mljet with professional guide
  • Have lunch at the restaurant Stella Maris Polače, meat or octopus “under the bell” and traditional apple pie
  • Get transportation back to the boat
  • Swimming and snorkeling at Saplunara at one of the most beautiful spots on the island Mljet reachable by the sea.
  • Enjoy speed ride back to our origin port, Cavtat or Dubrovnik.

The island of Mljet, the most beautiful and most forested island in the Adriatic and one of the most beautiful pearls of the Mediterranean.  Untouched nature, the island’s mysticism, olive groves, vineyards, and rich forests are ideal places to research the rich flora and fauna and to peacefully enjoy the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings.
It was already mentioned in the fourth century BC in Greek writing, and the numerous Greek amphora and shipwrecks along the coast of Mljet are evidence that Greek sailors stayed on the shores of Mljet during their journeys.

Mljet National Park is a large area that borders two saltwater lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake). The Lakes stretch for about 4 kilometers. Right in the middle of the Large Lake, there is a small island/islet Melita (Sveta Marija) with a large building of the former Benedictine monastery, erected there in the 12th century. The monastery’s building is now café/restaurant. Perfect place to dine there. The small island is connected by boats that sail there from both sides of the Lake.


– We leave Cavtat or Dubrovnik port. On our way to Mljet, you get to see the panorama of the Dubrovnik city walls and the old harbor by the sea. A unique experience with a slow ride for some photo shootings if wanted. It takes us approx.2 hours to reach Mljet.

– After arriving at Mljet you will be taking a private coach with a professional guide at your disposal that will take you to a leisurely hike in the National Park Mljet. It’s a unique experience taking a tour of Big and Small Lake with a guide who will provide background information about the National park and the island.
– On this unique inland lake, the tour takes a boat ride to the small island of St. Mary where you will visit the beautiful Benedictine Monastery.

– Finally, enjoy traditional lunch in restaurant Stella Maris followed by the free time that you can use for swimming in the lakes or just a walk on this beautiful island and enjoy the nature.

– When the tour of the National park is done you will be transported to the boat with a private coach. Your next stop is Saplunara where you will enjoy swimming and snorkeling at one of the nicest spots on the island reachable by the sea. The perfect way to go on enjoying Mljet.

Saplunara on Mljet is a lovely large bay located at the Eastern tip of the Island. The place is well known for its sandy beaches Velika and Mala Saplunara and Blaca, surrounded by dense pine woods. Due to its sandy beaches, its name has roots in Latin word for sand – ‘sabulum’. The bay is opened to the southwest, so it has a lot of natural sunshine and is sheltered from Bura and Maestral winds. The bay itself is about one kilometer long and due to its secluded position, the waters here are very warm all year around. The bay has its restaurant, café, and a small shop.

After swimming the tour returns you to Cavtat or Dubrovnik port in the afternoon. Still, plenty of time left to do something else or just relax and check on the photos taken on this magnificent tour. Memories last forever.

Restaurant menu to choose:

Menu I. (meat menu)


Traditional slow baking way of preparing under the bell (“peka”) lamb

with potatoes.

Mixed salad



Menu II. (meat menu)


Traditional slow baking way of preparing under the bell (“peka”) veal

with potatoes.

Mixed salad



Menu III. (seafood)


Traditional slow baking way of preparing under the bell (“peka”) octopus

with potatoes.

Mixed salad



Vegetarian menu


Caprese salad

Tomato soup

Homemade pasta with garlic and goat cheese


You will be taken through all the parts of the Old Town of Dubrovnik where some of the most memorable scenes from the serial were filmed, including: The Pile Gate where King Joffrey was faced with a citizens’ riot and pelted with dung, and the Lovrijenac fort where the unsuccessful attack on King’s Landing – the Battle of Blackwater – took place. The seemingly endless fortified walls will be seen from Lovrijenac fort where Tyrion Lannister and Varys took a stroll, with Tyrion uttering the immortal words: ”Where is the god of tits and wine”?


Meeting point will be in front of the Large Onofrios fountain. We will climb the City walls- Dubrovnik must see! Our 1:30h walk on walls will give you great views, fabulous photos and totaly different perspective to The Old Town. We will bring you first to the city walls- defensive stone walls surrounding the city. With numerous additions and modifications throughout their history, they have been considered to be amongst the great fortification systems of the Middle Ages, as they were never breached by a hostile army during this time period. In 1979, the old city of Dubrovnik, which includes a substantial portion of the old walls of Dubrovnik, joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Later you will go to see all important monuments inside The Old Town. We will show you  best locations to get best photos of Dubrovnik, we will hang out with local cats and see colorful narrow streets. I hope you will experience Dubrovnik like a local and fall in love with its hidden gems and terracotta roofs! We will try that you enjoy Dubrovnik like a local, and give you tips based on your interesses what you can do next days, where you can eat, what to visit .

-Please be aware that there is extra cost for entrance to the City walls-200kn per ticket.-If you want to take photos of perfect sunset, join our afternoon tour. 
-Waiting time is max 15 minutes if you are late because of the others in the group.
-There is always max 10 people per group, if you are friends or family of more just write us.


Do you want to learn how to cultivate olives and vineyards? With olive oil and wine tastings? All that in the biggest and most beautiful  classroom in the world-open air nature surroundings of Dubrovnik? Join us on this unique ”Gems of Vardia” tour. Transfer will pick you up in front of your acomodation in Dubrovnik  and drive you towards foothill of Vardia ( Malaštica ) which is only 15 minutes outside Dubrovnik. After arrival your host will take you 15min on hike until you reach vinyard and first garden with 22 olive trees. From there you can enjoy spectacular views to Župa Dubrovačka and Adriatic sea. You will be welcomed with traditional drink-homemade spirit with local herbs flavor or sweet walnut liquor produced by your host who was learing  during the years with his father and grandfather different techniques about how to cultivate olives and vineyards.. You will touch and feel olive and vine leaves and branches while you’re enjoying fresh air and calm surroundings. On your way up to Vardia hill on an off road  trail, surrounded with pine trees, olives and Mediteranean bushes you will have fabulous landscapes so dont forget your cameras with you. After presentation your host will take you down to the starting point where from you will start drive back to your acomoadation. ffffff