Dubrovnik by Night, History, Wine & bites


Dubrovnik by Night, History, Wine & bites

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If you like to explore when  sun sets and the city comes to life at night-time, this is perfect experience for you! It is easy walking tour-synthesis of historical guided tour and quality wine&tapas at the end of tour at one of the best wine bars in the Old Town. We will take you through the city main atraction far away from the daily noise and crowds finishing our tour in the wine bar where prosciutto, olives, olive oil, cheese, bread and great wine from Pelješac region will wait you. We will tell you about the history of the city, show you places where you can visit theater plays, concerts, dances at Dubrovnik summer festival during july and august, and give you  recommendations what you can do, where you can eat and enjoy like a local while you are in Dubrovnik.  If you are passionate about history, food, wine and traveling and you want to learn and know the city with us, join this tour and enjoy!

60-90min Old Town
30-60min Wine Bar


Price per person – 50€